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ACKTEC Learn is ACKTEC's Flagship Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Learning Platform. ACKTEC Learn delivers personalised, adaptive learning experience with AI virtual assistance and 360 AI predictive analytics. ACKTEC Learn can interface with any Institutions' and Corporations' Learning Management System (LMS).

Education Design

Digital Content Production, Adaptive Learning Systems, Mobile Applications

Immersive Learning

Rich Media

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 2D & 3D Learning Models


Education Development

Content Customisation, Educational Games, Subject Videos

Learning Management System


Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Analytics



Personalised Learner's Report, Real Time Tracking, eReports to Supervisor

Learning Marketplace


Cloud-based Solutions, Interactive E-Book, Social Media Integration

What We Do Best?


ACKTEC Learn is an award-winning immersive learning platform developed by ACKTEC Technologies. Over 600 uniquely curated mix-media learning content sits within this platform. It is highly used by MNCs, IHLs and learning institutions. Numerous immersive media such as Augmented Reality media, 360 Virtual Reality, interactive 3D simulations and gamification elements are integrated within to elevate and evolve the learning experience into an engaging and immersive level. ACKTEC Learn has enabled over 600,000 active learners across Asia, this number increasing by the month.


ACKTEC Class is a Learning Management System which allows organisations to manage their proprietary content and learners/users anytime and anywhere, with easy access to analytic reports of usage and access patterns. ACKTEC Class makes it possible for organisations to ensure its content is consumed in a clear, systematic and visible flow whilst, capturing each learner’s activity by the minute. Other applications (e.g. video conferencing, e-assessment, e-certificate) can be quickly integrated for each organisation’s customised needs.


ACKTEC's very own online training marketplace and learning management system (LMS) that connects content developers, organisations and users. KQwest's goal is to simplify learning and certification anywhere in the world.

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