Learn how ACKTEC is making immersive learning accessible for enterprises

This is where ACKTEC Technologies is trying to change the world through their immersive technology platform. We had a chance to speak to their CEO Rayvan Ho about their latest round of funding, their work in the industry and how they plan to scale throughout the world.

Edutech startup ACKTEC raises funding

ACKTEC its learning marketplace KQwest connects industrial partners that are developing accredited, immersive-learning courses with learners across Asia.

How bite-sized immersive learning keeps corporate learners coming back for more

In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim spoke to Rayvan Ho, co-founder and CEO of ACKTEC about how bite-sized immersive learning keeps corporate learners coming back for more.

How Immersive Learning experience helping educators with Rayvan Ho

How they are bringing innovation to Immersive Learning with the use of Interactive Animations, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, 3D Contents to enhance learning competencies for all levels of learners.

Vocational training and how we bring Singapore content in

As Singapore’s first company to export vocational training content and services, ACKTEC has provided one-stop solutions and products for vocational training to several Southeast Asian countries, toC and ToB.